Did you know:

  • 53’ long trailers are prohibited in the five boroughs of New York City?

  • 102” wide trailers and box trucks are prohibited in the five boroughs of New York City?

  • Overall vehicle length is limited to 35’ overall for box trucks and 55’ overall for combination vehicles?

  • Vehicles are required to be permanently marked with the name and address of the owner?

  • Drivers can be fined and 2 points added to their license for violating the New York City truck route system?

  • A Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax Stamp is required if more than 50% of your mileage occurs within New York City?

Needless to say, operating commercial vehicles in New York City is challenging. Make sure you know the rules before you go.

TANY understands the difficulties associated with operating in New York City and is working to address them. Priority issues for the association are:

  • Continue to mitigate the Clear Curbs/Clear Lanes program that was implemented in 2018.

  • Update NYC’s antiquated vehicle dimensions to allow today’s vehicles to operate legally in NYC.

  • Update NYC’s marking requirements to conform to state and federal requirements.

  • Encourage NYCDOT to issue new divisible load overweight permits.

  • Review the current NYC Truck Route system to better address the needs of the industry, remove the 2-point violation provision, and encourage the use of better signage to designate the truck routes.

  • Continue to work on parking issues in NYC. This includes both the significant lack of curbside availability and areas for overnight parking.

  • TANY continues to mitigate enforcement issues as they occur.