The Trucking Association of New York Government Affairs Committee is charged with helping guide the association’s positions on local, state and national issues and legislation impacting the trucking industry. 

The committee helps establish TANY's policy on regulatory matters, creating official positions and associated papers for the organization.  It also provides guidance for the organization’s strategy during the Call on Albany and Call on Washington programs, as well as the Government Affairs Conference.


  • Congestion Pricing: TANY continues to advocate for the exemption of commercial vehicles from any congestion pricing scheme in New York City.

  • Marijuana Legalization: TANY is working with legislators to address concerns related to highway safety impacts and ensuring adequate employer protections are included in legislation that would legalize the use of recreational marijuana in New York State.

  • Workforce Development: TANY is working to get legislation introduced and passed that would create a younger driver pilot program in New York State. The pilot would allow drivers between 18 to 20 years of age to obtain a Class A CDL following the completion of an extensive training program. Additionally, the association has formed a Workforce Development Taskforce to work on programs that would attract individuals to the trucking industry.

  • Highway Use Tax (HUT) Repeal: TANY continues to keep the repeal of New York’s onerous Highway Use Tax as a top priority for the association.

  • Truck Parking: TANY is advocating for funding to open any rest areas that are currently closed across the state, as well as for funding to improve and expand available truck parking options including the use of technology that will assist drivers in finding available parking.

  • Infrastructure Funding: As New York’s highways continue to deteriorate, TANY has made increased infrastructure funding a top priority.

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