The Trucking Association of New York Government Affairs Committee is charged with helping guide the association’s positions on local, state and national issues and legislation impacting the trucking industry. 

The committee helps establish TANY's policy on regulatory matters, creating official positions and associated papers for the organization.  It also provides guidance for the organization’s strategy during the Call on Albany and Call on Washington programs, as well as the Government Affairs Conference.

The Capitol Interchange, a monthly newsletter sent to members, reports on the political climate and how it is impacting the trucking industry, while the Transportation News monthly newsletter is sent to members of the state assembly and senators.

Every two years, the committee releases a Legislative Report Card, grading each state legislator based on their voting record and support of the trucking industry.

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Current Issues


  • Use of wide-based tires on certain vehicles
  • Repeal of  Highway Use Tax
  • Scaffold Law Reform


  • Requirement that certain vehicles be equipped with side under-ride guards
  • Requirement that snow and ice be removed from trucks
  • Requirement that O/T is paid for all employees of motor carriers