Built for truckers, by truckers, Bestpass offers services that save trucking companies time and money on the road while simplifying back office activities. The Bestpass service is completely customizable to fit the needs of fleets of all sizes – from owner- operators to the biggest fleets in the United States. The company offers participating carriers:

Enhanced discounts: Bestpass passes through all standard electronic toll discounts and makes all customers eligible for additional volume discounts where available. Members receive immediate savings on toll roads, including additional/volume discounts on:

  • New York State Thruway

  • Pennsylvania Turnpike

  • New Jersey Turnpike

  • NYC bridges and tunnels

  • Maryland Transportation Authority (highways, bridges and tunnels)

  • Kansas Turnpike

Complete toll coverage: Bestpass is operational on 100 percent of the major toll roads in the United States. From national tolling on one device to regional transponders deployed strategically, Bestpass can customize its service to meet the needs of individual fleets.

Weigh station bypass compatibility: Bestpass helps commercial fleets bypass weigh stations from coast to coast, saving time and money through comprehensive transponder-based compatibility with all of the U.S. weigh station bypass providers. A single bypass can save approximately $8.68, according to a U.S. Department of Transportation study, with total saving for fleets over the course of 10 years ranging from $3.2 million to $219.4 million.

A single unit for toll and weigh station bypass.

Automated Misread Identification Services (AMIS): Three percent of toll usage results in a misread, and not disputing these misreads results in a 60 percent higher bill. Bestpass technology identifies incorrect toll charges. After correction and submission back to Bestpass, Bestpass applies for toll credits to go back to the carrier.

Toll usage data tracked by transponder, truck and cost center.

Single point of contact: All issues are handled by the knowledgeable, responsive toll experts on the Bestpass customer support team. Customers no longer need to call E-ZPass, the Thruway Authority or other tolling authorities for any reason.

Full-featured, secure, state-of-the art web portal: Bestpass customers can conveniently access their account, manage vehicles, make payments, download tolls and order transponders online.

Powerful notification platform: timely, proactive alerts for exclusion zones, credit card expiration, payment due, inactive transponders and more.

One monthly statement and single point of payment.

Contact Bestpass today to find out how you can save time and money on tolls. To learn more, visit www.bestpass.com.