Did You Know the New York State Motor Truck Association Saves You $4,500 per Truck Per Year?!

Over the last 10 years NYSMTA has worked very hard to lower your tax burden.  If we had not been here, you would be paying at least $4,500 per truck per year more in taxes!  This amount represents only reductions we have achieved, and does not count proposed increases we have stopped!

If you have calculated your tax burden you know it is extremely high!  We need to reduce even more and we can do it with your membership and support.  Our members work hard to lower their costs.  Reducing government burdens, whether taxation or needless regulation, requires political action and participation.

It is easiest for politicians to tax the path of least opposition.  Without the representation of a strong, active Association, today's economic climate means you can expect to see increased taxation.  Join the industry leaders who have already done so much for you in making even more reduction possible.


Our success depends upon the participation and size of our membership.  Join today and become part of the Industry's Leadership Team!

$4500/year/truck - It's a NO BRAINER!

$4500 assumes a tractor-trailer with a cost of $110,000, driven 80,000 miles per year, (10,000 which were Thruway miles) averaging 6.6 miles per gallon.  Full details are available from NYSMTA - your savings could be greater!

10 Reasons Why You Should Belong to the New York State Truck Association

  1. Joining NYSMTA doesn't cost - IT PAYS!  You get all the information and answers you need to keep up in a changing business, and you get the expertise from the one organization whose business is making things clear and easy for your business.  It's the best investment you can make and it's TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
  2. What you don't know CAN hurt you.  Get swift and accurate answers to you questions on existing local, state, and federal government rules and regulations.
  3. Membership is a "makes $ense" opportunity.  Marketing, networking, exposure, and new leads put your company one step ahead of your competitors.
  4. NYSMTA provides information services that keep you up to date on industry issues with weekly newsletters, monthly safety and maintenance publications and timely e-mails with up-to-the minute news impacting your business and operations.
  5. Expand your operations through new ideas gained from networking with your peers in the trucking industry and related fields.  Regional meetings and outings bring expert speakers and opportunities right to your backyard.
  6. Take advantage of the most competitive prices for workers compensation insurance available to the New York trucking industry today, through the NY Sate Motor Truck Association Compensation Trust.
  7. Increase your employee productivity and effectiveness through maintenance and safety training workshops, professional seminars, and our video lending library.
  8. Improve your bottom line and support the trucking industry at the same time with high quality products, supplies and services at reduced prices.
  9. Direct access to our safety professionals who can help solve your safety problems and improve your company's safety programs.
  10. An aggressive government affairs program provides representation and speaks as the industry's voice on state and national legislative issues and helps protect your company against harmful and costly legislation.

Dues Schedule

Trucking Companies Having Business Facilities within New York
Annual Revenue Annual Dues
Under $600,000 $35.00/month
$600,001-$1,100,000 $45.00/month
$1,100,001-$2,000,000 $65.00/month
$2,000,001-$3,000,000 $75.00/month
$3,000,001-$4,000,000 $90.00/month
$4,000,001-$5,000,000 $105.00/month
$5,000,001-$6,000,000 $120.00/month
$6,000,001-$7,000,000 $135.00/month
$7,000,001-$8,000,000 $150.00/month
$8,000,001-$9,000,000 $165.00/month
$9,000,001-$10,000,000 $180.00/month
Over $10 million:  dues are the sum of $190 plus $5 per million.  (max:  $3900)
Private Truck Fleet Operators (Based on NY Truck Registrations)
Fleet Size Annual Dues
1-3 Power Units $22.50/month
4-6 Power Units $42.50/month
7-11 Power Units $62.50/month
12-20 Power Units $72.50/month
21-40 Power Units $87.50/month
41-60 Power Units $99.50/month
61-100 Power Units $115.50/month
101-200 Power Units $155.00/month
201-300 Power Units $195.00/month
301-400 Power Units $235.00/month
401-500 Power Units $275.00/month
501-600 Power Units $315.00/month
601-700 Power Units $355.00/month
701+ Power Units $395.00/month (max)
Trucking Companies Having No Business Facilities Within New York State
NYS Miles Annual Dues
Under 250,000 $20.00/month
250,001-500,000 $25.00/month
500,001-1,000,000 $30.00/month
1,000,0001-2,000,000 $40.00/month
2,000,0001-3,000,000 $55.00/month
3,000,0001-4,000,000 $70.00/month
over 4,000,001 $85.00/month (max)
Other Dues
Type of Business Annual Dues
Government Fleet Agency $35.00/month
Industry Service Supplier $35.00/month
Renting/Leasing Co. (Equipment Only) $35.00/month
Truck/Trailer/Tire Dealers $35.00/month
Truck Stop Operator $35.00/month
Shippers/Brokers $45.00/month
Equipment Manufacturer $50.00/month
Associate/Safety Maintenance Council Member* $5.00/month
*In addition to main membership dues